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When Sometimes I Become Hopeless Then I see This Video of Hope: شاباش عمران خان

KARACHI – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has cancelled his participation as a keynote speaker in the India Today Conclave being held in New Delhi.
The cricketer-turned politician took the decision soon after he came to know that Salman Rushdie was also participating in the event, said a PTI statement issued on Wednesday.
Khan, it said, expressed his regrets to the organisers.
He could not even think of participating in any program that included Salman Rushdie who has caused immeasurable hurt to Muslims across the globe,” the statement quoted the PTI chief as saying.
Khan only received and saw the full programme of the Conclave last evening and took action early this morning to cancel his participation, the statement said.
Rushdie is believed to have hurt the religious sentiments of the Muslims across the globe by the publication of his book “Satanic Verses”.
The organiser of the India Today Conclave said he “deeply regrets that Imran Khan will not address the India Today Conclave because of Salman Rushdie’s participation.
Kashmir issue must be recognised as political issue: Meanwhile, talking to Indian High Commissioner Sharat Sabharwal, Khan said that Kashmir must be recognised as a political issue to be resolved at the dialogue table.

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