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Doosra pehlu at PTI Jalsa Liaqat Bagh…


Imran Khan Speech (FULL) @ PTI Jalsa in Liaqat Bagh, Rawalpindi

Imran Khan Massage for Tsunami 27 May @ #PTI4Pindi

Dear All Be A member of PTI if you want to Change Pakistan from Slavery to Freedom,
& Choose your own leader yourself.

Send sms NAME , CITY , CNIC # to 80022

& Please register your vote & Save Pakistan.
with Imran Khan .

Be A Member Of Insaf Tiger

Full Speech of Haroon-UL -Rasheed@ ISF Membership campaign

20 May 2012 Rawalpindi

Mubashar Luqman Speech @ ISF Membership campaign

Rawalpindi 20 May 2012

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